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Kolejne akcje protestacyjne Polonii w Nowym Jorku, w sierpniu i wrzesniu 2011
Zobacz reportarze z protestow i wystapienie w kanadyjskim parlamencie na "youtube"

Open Letter on Western Media about German death camps in German occupied Poland by S. Komar - July 22, 2011
"Interestingly, both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post are both owned by News Corporation, which in turn is owned
by Rupert Murdoch.  What is more interesting is that we could not find any reference to the German camps as Polish in the
Wall Street Journal until after it was purchased by News Corporation."

Yet another victory in anti 'Polish concentration camps' campaign - 22.03.2011
  "The New York Times has become the latest media outlet in the US to order its journalists to refrain from using the phrase
“Polish death/concentration camps” when referring to WW II German Nazi death camps in Poland."


The Kosciuszko Foundation’s petition signed by Bronislaw Komorowski President of Poland - December 10, 2010
 "The WSJ’s Style & Substance editor, Paul R. Martin wrote a bulletin to the paper’s editors and reporters, saying, “The slip is easy
to make, but it understandably raises hackles in Polish camps and shouldn’t happen.” The bulletin continues, quoting, Marcin
Sobczyk, Warsaw bureau chief for the WSJ Newswires. “Auschwitz is officially known as ‘Auschwitz Birkenau: German Nazi
Concentration and Extermination Camp.’ "
Petition on German Concentration Camps

The Media Appeal
"Polaks" jokes as a  method of  teaching used by M. Krauss, L&C College, Potland, Oregon


Against "Polish concentration camps" in the Boston Globe and the media.

About removing "Partisans" from Boston Common


About the New York Times - article in English

Akcja "Rzeczypospolitej" - dziennika w Polsce /also in English/

Katyn Memorial,    -  Upamietnienie stalinowskiej zbrodni w Katyniu

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