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 Polonia protestuje w Nowym Jorku, sierpien 2011


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"How come our (the USA) politicians lack the courage to stand up and speak the truth,
and challenge the bigotry of our mainstream media?"
Stefan Komar


   For several decades western media outlets have called German death camps in German occupied Poland "Polish" although there is no justification to do so.  Protests by the Polish community against this phenomenon have brought varied results.  In Canada and Australia Press courts with some punitive powers have decided that calling the German camps "Polish" is unethical and in publications originating in these countries the trend seems to have faded away.  In Germany, Britain and the US the problem still exists although there has been some success.  After two articles in the Wall Street Journal appeared in which the death camps were called "Polish" and the editors claimed the phrase was accurate and therefore did not warrant correction, Poles began to act and The Wall Street Journal changed its stylebook to instruct journalists not to call the camps "Polish." The Wall Street Journal did not however correct the offensive text in the articles.  
In May There was a slew of articles calling the camps Polish in articles about the conviction of a Sobibor camp guard called Demjanjuk.  One of these articles was in the new York Post on May 16, 2011, and was written by Andrea Peyser.  Althought the offensive nature was brought to the attention of the New York Post editors and Andrea Peyser herself, no correction or apology was made.  There has actually been no response whatsoever to the complaints by the Polish community.
(To see article you may have to go the NY Post site and type Andrea Peyser, Demjanjuk in the the search engine.

Five years is a pittance for the murder of 28,060 people. Yet that's the sentence a German court handed John Demjanjuk, a guard at a Polish death camp, later an Ohio auto worker, convicted of being an "accessory" to mass murder. He was once sentenced to hang for helping slaughter tens of thousands of Jews during World War II.
This time, Demjanjuk, 91, will be free pending a possible appeal, and likely will die a comfortable death in his bed. Sleep well. You got away with it.

Interestingly, both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post are both owned by News Corporation, which in turn is owned by Rupert Murdoch.  What is more interesting is that we could not find any reference to the German camps as “Polish” in the Wall Street Journal until after it was purchased by News Corporation.  What we did find were references in other News Corporation, or Murdoch, owned publications and none apologized or made any corrections, other than The Gold Coast, which apologized and made a correction in 2010, after the Press courts had made their determination.

The Australian
Polish death camps
No correction and no apology
The Australian
Polish concentration camp
No correction but letter of complaint printed

 Auschwitz private memorial irks Israel
Abraham Rabinovich From:?The Australian April 19, 2010 12:00AM

  A PRIVATE ceremony at Auschwitz honouring the father of Australian tycoon Frank Lowy has triggered controversy in Israel for being a semi-private function at a site dedicated to the memory of the 1.6 million people murdered at the Polish concentration camp.
The ceremony was a secret until it was inadvertently revealed by former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, a friend of Mr Lowy who was to have been the principal speaker, the newspaper Haaretz reported yesterday.
Mr Olmert cancelled his participation a day before Thursday's ceremony to fly to Israel to respond to a corruption probe.
Participants in the event were asked by the organisers not to reveal its existence to the media.
The ceremony was organised by the Keren Hayesod United Israel Appeal, which raises funds abroad to support projects in Israel. A central feature of the event was the dedication of a freight car used in the transportation of Jews from around Europe to the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. Attached to the car was a sign that read: "The train car was donated and restored by the sons of Hugo Lowy, who was put to death here in May, 1944".
Frank Lowy paid the organisers E100,000 to find a freight car used in the transport of Jews to the death camp, the report said. Israeli journalist Micha Limor, who conducted the search, found the car in the village of Wessum near the Dutch border. It belonged to a German doctor who had purchased it from the British army 20 years before. The doctor, Ronald Hauser, presented the car as a gift and two German artists volunteered to restore it.
Limor boycotted last week's ceremony, saying he had not known that the memorial project would be a private affair closed to the public. "I went to locate an authentic freight car out of the feeling that this was a public mission that would confirm the story of the Holocaust," he said.
The Auschwitz memorial site had for years refused to display any item not found in the death camp on the day of its liberation in January 1945 for fear that the camp's authenticity would be compromised, making the site vulnerable to Holocaust deniers.
Explaining the change in policy regarding the freight car, the site's director, Piotr Cywinski, wrote: "Today, when we have gone a long way from the days of the Second World War, youths have difficulty imagining the hell of the transports, which sometimes took many days in a crowded freight car. The possibility of exhibiting a car like this is extremely important from the educational point of view."
The site management deviated from its policy of not singling out individuals for memorialisation but insisted that the explanatory sign also include reference to the hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews brought on the transports to be murdered in gas chambers.
Mr Lowy was not available for comment yesterday.

Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Polish death camp
No correction and no apology
Gold Coast (Australia)
Poland's dreaded Auschwitz facility
Article corrected and apology given - EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks so much for pointing out this mistake to us. We have now corrected the copy. Our apologies for any offence caused.
The Sun (UK)
Poland's Sobibor death camp
No correction and no apology

 'Nazi's 430,000 deaths charge'
Published: 28 Jul 2010

  A SUSPECTED Nazi death camp guard has been charged over the murders of 430,000 Jews.
Samuel Kunz, 88, allegedly served Hitler's Third Reich in the Belzec camp in occupied Poland during World War Two.
He is number three on a most wanted list of ex Nazis.
Kunz was charged after prosecutors said he served as a guard from January 1942 to July 1943 where it is claimed he helped exterminate Jews.
He is also accused of the shooting a total of ten Jews in two other incidents.
Top Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff said Kunz participated in the so-called Operation Reinhard to eliminate Polish Jews.
Mr Zuroff, from the Simon Wiesenthal Center which fights anti-Semitism, said: "The indictment of Samuel Kunz is a very positive development.
"It reflects recent changes in the German prosecution policy, which have significantly enlarged the number of suspects who will be brought to justice."

German officials are now considering whether and when to hold a trial.
Kunz was found living near the western German city of Bonn after his name came up in investigations connected to the trial of another suspected Nazi John Demjanjuk.
Demjanjuk, 90, is currently on trial in Munich on charges of being an accessory to the murder of 28,060 Jews as a guard at Poland's Sobibor death camp.
He denies he was ever a camp guard.

Prosecutors allege both Kunz and Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk, a retired Ohio car worker who was deported to Germany from the US last year, trained as guards at the Trawniki SS camp.
Kunz, whose family is German, was born in August 1921 on Russia's Volga River and joined the Red Army, claims Klaus Hillenbrand, a German expert who has written several books on the Nazi period.
But during World War Two he was captured by the Germans and given the choice of either staying at a prisoner of war camp or cooperating with the Nazis, said Hillenbrand.
Adolf Storms, a 90-year-old former SS sergeant who was number four on the Simon Wiesenthal Center's list of most-wanted Nazi war crimes suspects, died earlier this month before he could be brought to trial.

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The Times (UK)
Giles Coren
Poles amused  themselves at Easter by locking Jews in the synagogue and setting fire to it
No correction and no apology
The Times (UK)
?Polish concentration camp
No correction and no apology
Fox  TV (US)
From Back to you: Bowling is in your Polish blood, like kielbasa and collaborating with the Nazis
Apogogy given - In no way was this dialogue meant to insinuate any connection between the Polish people and the Nazi movement.  The line was delivered by a character known for being ignorant, clueless and for saying outlandish things.  Allowing the line to remain in the show, however, demonstrated poor judgment, and we apologize to anyone who was offended.
Fox News (US)
Polish death camp
No correction and no apology
The New York Post (US)
Auschwitz, the Polish concentration camp
No correction and no apology

Torah trouble for 'Rabbi Indiana Jones'
Last Updated: 7:19 AM, January 31, 2010
Posted: 4:35 AM, January 31, 2010

  A Baltimore rabbi could be turning a false profit.
Menachem Youlus drew fame in the last decade for unearthing supposed Holocaust-era Torahs hidden in mass graves, monasteries and concentration camps throughout Europe, but many of those discoveries appear to be fakes, according to a new report.
Spinning sensational yarns of his hunts for sacred scrolls, the 48-year-old rabbi earned the moniker "The Indiana Jones of Torah Scribes" and sold the texts to US synagogues and Jewish families for $6,000 to $15,000.
One of the 1,100 recovered Torahs was bought by billionaire investor David Rubenstein and donated in 2008 to Manhattan's Central Synagogue.

But The Washington Post poked holes in stories behind the Torahs' origins, raising doubts about their authenticity.
Youlus sold a Virginia synagogue a Torah he claimed to have found in the floorboards of Bergen-Belsen, a German concentration camp. But the camp's historian told the newspaper that no such discovery occurred.
Central Synagogue's Torah also has a dubious provenance. Youlus claimed he secretly unearthed it in 2004 in a cemetery near Auschwitz, the Polish concentration camp.
Youlus, however, could not provide the newspaper with a single name or document to back up the tale.

The New York Post (US)
Polish concentration camp
No correction and no apology

 Ohio's 'Nazi' is finally standing trial
Last Updated: 3:33 PM, November 29, 2009
Posted: 4:13 AM, November 29, 2009

  An ex-Nazi soldier is to stand trial in Germany this week for allegedly helping to kill 28,000 Jews in a Polish concentration camp during World War II.
John Demjanjuk, 89, a retired Ohio autoworker, allegedly took part in mass executions in 1943 at the camp, Sobibor, where a quarter of a million people were killed in gas chambers.
Prosecutors say the Ukraine native was in the Red Army when he was captured by the Nazis and recruited into the SS.
Demjanjuk denies ever working at the camp.
Expected to testify is Sobibor survivor Thomas Blatt, who has said, "[The SS men] were not regular guardsmen; they were murderers" -- but who has admitted that he can't recall the accused.

Wall Street Journal (US)
hard labor in a ­series of Polish camps
No correction and no apology
Wall Street Journal (US)
Polish concentration camp
No correction but letter of complaint printed